Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scribbling in Cyberspace

I love the internet, if for no other reason, because it provides a free and easy cyber~space in which to exhibit art. As wispy and imagined as the "audience" may be, it still motivates me to create. I highly recommend blogging to inactive artists who want to be more active.

I like "scribbling" with the sewing machine, contrasting with folds and puckers of soft fabric. The two crows quilt-collage above is still in progress. Along with the Unicorn, it's part of an animal spirit guide theme that I'm following.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Insight for the it love?

I love this fabric. I got it from an "scraps" bin when I worked at a clothing boutique that utilized antique kimono fabrics. Of my diverse fabric collection, this one caught my attention today—it evokes something unexplainable in me. Anymore, I only work with materials that I love. I think many artists today would agree that life experiences inform their art as much as practicing a technique. While I think that practicing a technique is valuable and necessary, it's just empty motion without deep and real self-expression. That's why I choose materials and techniques that resonate.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Experiencing the darkness without falling in

Sometimes I feel so boring. Inspiration is just a word, and there’s a emptiness and inertia in my day-to-day activities that leaves me vaguely unsatisfied. I am immensely grateful that I’m not bound to this cycle, at least not like I used to be. Quiet affirmations keep me walking the fine line of experiencing the darkness without falling in. I was reminded of this again at this Sunday’s service at Center for Spiritual Living; God, or Love, or whatever you call it, is present in the darkness. It's in the light. It’s in the interesting times and the boring. It’s everywhere at all times, loving and accepting me no matter what. That’s comforting and inspiring.

During Sunday’s service, Jurie used the words “gold mine” in a prayer, but I heard “goal mind,” a lovely and poetic little happening...

gold mine~ goal mind

Later, driving on the highway, I passed two pairs of crows at the side of the road within a few minutes of each other. I heard once that crows signify a spiritual message, and I often pause when I see a crow and try to listen more deeply to the moment.

These sketches are made from pictures of crows online (gotta love Google’s image search!) I’ll probably work them in to the next collage.