Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I'm experimenting with the settings of my blog so it automatically emails people when I publish this post. So if you're getting this in your email, then you're one of 10 people who I really wanted to see this (because I can only add 10 email addresses :).

Dad and LeeAnn (my stepmom) invited me to be in a show with them at the Art Central Gallery in Carthage, MO at the end of May. Here are my two latest, finished quilts for the show.

I'm trying to come up with a title for the "field" quilt, above. It makes me think of seeds under the ground, germinating and preparing to pop out of the ground when spring comes. It also is a very comforting scene to me; there's something that feels safe and secure about it.

I'm pretty sure the one above will be named "Longing". This scene was taken from a snapshot I took while walking around the grounds at Canaan Farm, where I work, over the lunch hour.


  1. omg suzie! these are so yummy! i am jealous of all of your awesome creativity! you go artgirl! i would love to see them in person. what days does the show run?

  2. The blue bird can sing but the crow's got the soul. Way cool -Dan