Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TEXTURE on display

Hi friends. "Texture," a collaborative show with my dad and stepmom, goes on display this Friday in Carthage, Missouri. The show's title comes from a time in college when a friend, Millie (are you out there?) and I wanted to get the sculpture and textiles departments together for a show. We were so inspired by the contrast in materials, the link of sculpture with the masculine and textiles with the feminine, and the title itself (textiles and sculpture, get it?). Although our enthusiasm never coalesced past a grant proposal, I remember it with fondness and pride. Now I finally get to use the concept.

The piece we used for the postcard (above) is a "collaboration by mail". I started it with simple quilt rectangles of somewhat abstracted birds on telephone wire. Lee Ann got it in the mail, saw birds on vertical sticks with leaves, and sewed the rectangles together, adding felted bird forms and appliqued-yarn vines. Dad turned it into an aviary made of twigs, ornamented with bird "claws" which are actually firing cones from the kiln. I'm really looking forward to the show's opening (I haven't even seen the collaborative piece in person yet.) Here are the show details:


a presentation of textiles and sculpture

by Jack & Lee Ann Sours & Suzie Sours Israel

Opening reception:

Friday, May 28, 6 - 8 pm

at artCentral, 1110 E 13th Street,

Carthage, MO 64836

Pottery, weavings, stone sculpture,

and organic form quilts

will be on display May 28-June 13.

for info:

Here are my pieces that'll be in the show. I'll videotape the gallery and post it, so folks can see what it looks like!

Stylized Clouds, Linen & Thread, 2010, $100 Birth, Linen & Thread, 2010, $400
Longing, Linen, Silk, and Thread, 2010, $350 Edge of Darkness, Various Fabrics & Thread, 2009, $130
Mystery, Linen & Thread, 2009, $250 xxx6

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